Sunday Trivia

The World Radio Network Sunday Trivia is now available on the Friends Network!

Join our Net Manager NØSTY as he taxes your brain on Sunday mornings at 9am PT/Noon ET !
NØSTY, Net Manager
Always a new topic and rechecks are encouraged!

Come in and say hello then give us your best guess!

PRO TIP! If you are there early, Nasty often begins with a QST that covers much of the material.

This net is available IRLP 9251 and EchoLink 479886 on the World Conference Server and is now available here on the FRIENDS NETWORK on the FRIENDS CONFERENCE SERVER 29618, IRLP 9618. 
If you are an AllStar user, check in on AllStar node 27408!

Join in the fun! 

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