Good morning, my name is Art, N4EZZ formerly KI4GYZ.
I have been a ham since 2004, although I upgraded to general in 2007. 
I didn't feel the need to upgrade to extra till 2016. 
One of the perks of becoming an extra is that you can help as a VE. 
Welcoming new hams into the hobby is fun.
I have worked a few satellites and done some ssb usually when 
I am out camping and psk31 now and then.
I finally got to IRLP and Echolink a couple of years ago when 
I was injured on the job and spent a lot of time flat on my back. 
One of the local repeaters was usually connected to an older 
version of the morning net and I started checking in. 
As I got to know the people it became a regular habit.
Now here I am helping out in the back room and taking a few rounds as NC
when I can.
I like the people and look forward to hearing them each day.