Hey everyone! This is Charles, KE0GWA!

I am a backup net control for the Newsline net, and for some reason, they trust me with this web page.

 I live in Genoa Colorado, about half way between Denver and Kansas, right along the I-70 corridor.

I've been a licensed Ham since December 3, 2015... That's right, I'm just a radio baby!

I live pretty close, (about 16 miles) from the K0UPS repeater which has IRLP and Echolink and allows me to connect to the Friends Network! YAY ME!

I have enjoyed radio all my life! I set my first CB radio up next to my bed when I was 14, built my first ground plane antenna when I was 16.... then it took 20 years to get a Ham ticket. But here I am, ready to serve and ready to chat with all of my FRIENDS on the nets!

I am usually mobile, or at least in the pickup parked on a hill here on the Eastern Plains of Colorado.  You may catch me at the QTH... but I doubt it!

I look forward to talking to you on the nets!


This page will remain up even though our friend Charles is a SK