I first became interested in Ham Radio when I was in elementary school in South Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the late 1950s. My neighbor, W0SSM, invited some of us neighborhood kids into his shack. We always saw his tower as we rode by on our bikes to school. My brother’s best friend, K0BLY, and his father, K0DZP, allowed me to sit with them in their shack for many QSOs on HF. I loved the phonetics and abbreviations as they called out ”CQ." Big separate transmitters and receivers were coordinated by a switch between…names such as Heathkit, Hammarlund, & Hallicrafters were etched in my memory. Phone patches were a big deal. A great joy occurred when I received a QSL card in the mail from W6NAZ. She enclosed it with a hand written note after she had received my letter. I had seen her as a hollywood actress honored on the live TV show, ”This Is Your Life”, with TV host Ralph Edwards. She had done many relays of family messages overseas to troops in World War II. My father and two of his brothers had served in Europe. Ham Radio was on my “Bucket List” for retirement, which occurred in the summer of 2013, following a very rewarding career in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. I got my Tech license in the fall of 2013, my General in the spring of 2014, and my Extra in the spring of 2016. I belong to radio clubs along the Front Range of Colorado and reside in Broomfield, between Denver & Boulder. I have a Kenwood 590 for HF and two Yaesu 7900s in both the shack & my vehicle for VHF/UHF. I enjoy putting faces with callsigns at various local Hamfests. Next on the "Ham Bucket List” will be CW & QRP to enjoy on the many beautiful summits throughout Colorado. My more recently licensed member of my “Ham Family” is my son, Mark KE0GDS, who lives nearby in Boulder. Early in 2016, I was introduced to VOIP via the Rocky Mountain Radio League. I was able to get on their local repeater for both IRLP & EchoLink. I started to become a regular checkin on nets. One of my fond memories was a return to the air after a trip with my dear wife, Sally Anne, and my good friend VE5SDH saying, on a morning net, “welcome back!” I was hooked! Soon I became a regular on the Good Morning Net. I enjoy helping in “the backroom” and being a part-time backup Net Controller with my awesome friends. I have thoroughly enjoyed my Yaesu FT-60 HT with my NanoNode in my shack, portable, & mobile. I appreciate the technology provided by Micro Node International. Life is good on the Good Morning Net! 73, Bruce Iverson KD0YBD