Good Morning Net-Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. Mountain 1400 UTC


Friends News Nets Saturday  AND Sunday mornings at 8a.m. Mountain


220 RagChewers Net  Monday at 6 p.m. Mountain

Welcome to the *FRIENDS* Network! We are located on IRLP at node 9618, Echolink node 29618 and on AllStar at 27408.  

We want to thank Mike Wolthuis KB8ZGL for the use of the Great Lakes Reflector and the linking of IRLP and Echolink! As well as Providing the FRIENDS Allstar Hub.

We would also like to thank AC0KQ for helping us with Allstar, Broadcastify, Raspbery Pi and resolution to other linking issues!

Our signature project is the "Good Morning" net held Mon-Sat at 7am PT/8pm ET, with different net controllers every day! This net is open to all licensed radio amateurs anywhere in the world, and we would love for you to join us!

Other great nets here on the *FRIENDS* Conference Server include the Friends News nets, held on Saturdays at 10 a.m. Eastern we play the ARRL Audio News and on Sundays we play The R.A.I.N. Report both followed by a round table discussion. 

The World Radio Network Sunday Trivia net is now simulcast on the Friends network beginning at 9am PT/noon ET every Sunday courtesy of the *WORLD* Conference

Don't miss the 220 Rag-chewer's net held every Monday at 6p.m. Mountain (8 p.m. Eastern) time. 

The RMRL in Colorado now has the Pet Net and the YL Family nets on our system

There are more nets in the works, so stay tuned! 

We pride ourselves on fostering the radio arts, bringing people from across the globe together in a friendly and helpful environment where everyone is welcome. We also like having as much fun as possible while doing so!

Thanks for checking out our page, look around and see what we have to offer! 

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