News Nets

*FRIENDS* News Nets

Welcome to the Friends News nets held every Saturday @ 7 a.m. Pacific 10 a.m. Eastern  and Sunday @ 7 a.m. Pacific 10 a.m. Eastern on the *FRIENDS* Conference server, IRLP 9618, Echolink 29618 and AllStar node 27408.

On this net, we play the ARRL Audio News on Saturday and The R.A.I.N. Report on Sundays, and follow up with a round table discussion based on the topics of the QST.

The News nets are now linked to IRLP 9251 and EchoLink 479886 On the *WORLD* Conference Server. Stop in and join the discussion!

In the usual Friends Network tradition, everyone is welcome! We look forward to talking with you! 

Net controllers for the News Nets include:

N0STY, Nasty